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Solar Gates in Brisbane



When trying to provide a secure access point to an entrance on your property, installing solar gates on Brisbane properties is one way of getting around some common problems homeowners may encounter. If you can’t easily or adequately power a swing motor on mains power at the spot where you want to install a gate, it may seem as though you’ll have to select another solution altogether. By turning to rely on solar power, however, you can enjoy several benefits in both the short and the long term. Not only do modern solar-powered gates provide around-the-clock reliability, but their reliance on strictly renewable energy makes them a “green” option for the environmentally conscious. At Custom Auto Gates, we’re fully equipped to provide our clients with solar-equipped options to suit a wide variety of installation scenarios.

Signs You Should Invest in Solar Powered Gates in Brisbane

How do you determine whether this is the appropriate investment to make when you want to add a gate to a pedestrian entrance or a driveway? Take a step back and look at a few of the most significant indicators that this hardware would be a good investment:

  • You require gating solutions for “off-grid” locations. When there’s simply no mains power available at all, solar is the simplest way to go. Our solutions provide service overnight, and even when it remains cloudy for long periods.
  • There is no easily accessible mains power available at the gate location, or you do not want to run electrical cabling to the motor.
  • You want a quiet, reliable method for opening your gates. Solar motors are typically less noisy and more than adequate of handling many opening and closing cycles.

What Sets Custom Auto Gates Apart Regarding Solar Gates in Brisbane?

If you determine that a solar-powered solution is a way to go, it’s essential to partner with a service provider capable of delivering quality installations from end to end. At Custom Auto Gates, we proudly manufacture all the gates we supply to clients, ensuring they appropriately fit the space every time. How else do we stand out for our clients?

  • We don’t merely provide “one size fits all” solutions and leave it to our clients to figure out; we offer customisation solutions to ensure that your chosen gate will perfectly fit within the entrance.
  • We take care to ensure we leave our clients with gates that work easily and reliably. We measure thoroughly, test our installations with care, and make ourselves available for follow-up questions as needed.
  • We provide free quotes, and we guarantee our workmanship for ten years. By building trust from the word “go,” we hope to provide our clients with a better experience.

Why Custom Auto Gates is a Cost-Effective Choice

With an experienced resource such as our team working on your project, you can count on an installation that matches your expectations. From size and shape to colour and ease of operation, we aim to achieve the most desirable outcomes possible for our clients. Tap into our years of experience and enjoy friendly help today when you contact us.


Custom Auto Gates & Fencing prides itself on being customer focused. We take our responsibility to customers very seriously, so from the very start, our aim is to ensure you are happy and the end results to your expectations.

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