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Solemyo is the solar power system for automation systems used on gates, garage doors and road barriers also when located far from the electrical mains. If you want a Solar Gate then Custom Auto Gates can assist.

Image of the Nice Brand Logo for automatic gate automation systems
Nice automation - NICE Solemoyo solar power kit - suit gates where no 240 v power can be accessed - solar gate
NICE solar kit fitted to sliding automatic gate - Nice solar gate automation
solar gate sing driveway set up showing gate operator solar panel control box of the gate automation system - Nice automation accessories

Installable anywhere without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.

Increased savings and respect for the environment thanks to solar energy, free and clean: an ecological and intelligent choice with short term benefits.

Low consumption with no risk of blackouts: extended duration of energy reserve, combined with low consumption of automation, guaranteed operation also in prolonged overcast conditions.

Low consumption with operating autonomy! Perfect operation ensured even at night time or in prolonged overcast conditions, guaranteeing comfort and safety


Solar power offers the ability to overcome the lack of mains power. Custom Auto Gates can use mains power from the house and run low voltage cabling to the gate operator this is by far our prefered method if no 240V outlet is at the gate motor position HOWEVER – in some instances we are not able to do this and this is where Solar comes in to its own and creates the ability to Automate the gate.

We can offer you domestic solar gate to commercial large scale solar automatic gates – this is achieved by increasing the panel size and battery capacity. As a general rule, the basic NICE SYKCE Solar power kit comprising solar panel and battery box with charging control circuit is more than ample for the majority of home users. If you do require a larger system its no problem by a look at the consumption of the gate operator and the usage we can ensure a system that we deliver for you is achieved.