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Palisade – Pressed Spear Top

This style of fence has been adopted by many schools and industrial complexes, a modern alternative to chain wire, far more secure as well.

Available in Steel or Aluminium, panels and gates – mixed with other security options a palisade fence adds real value whilst making that much harder for the would be intruder.

Starting at 1500 mm standard heights go up to 2100 mm but as we are fabricators we can custom build panels to suit height , width and slope of ground.

Most commonly this fencing is available in BLACK , but can be powder coated to suit your needs.

Chain Wire

Chain wire fencing offers a value for money option to rural, domestic and commercial applications. Not just the standard Galvanised you can choose Black or Green as well.

Various options are available dependent upon your needs and the usage. We an add double top rails, razor wire, barb wire, why not speak to one of our consultants today about options you are after.

As fabricators we can make gates to suit your needs – Sliding , Swing and pedestrian.

Top Security Fencing Brisbane.

Are you Serious about trying to Stops trespassing.

With The RAZOR fence topper we can make it very undesirable for someone to attempt to climb over your fence – this product can be fitted to

Colorbond fences – Chain Wire fences – walls etc.

Made in steel with hot dip gal finish.

Application: Industrial
Length: 800mm Width: 110mm Height: 50mm

Razor fence topper

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