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Our professional staff can help you choose and install the perfect automatic gates in Brisbane tailored to your home’s unique requirements. Whether you want a stock gate or a custom design, we can help. Choose Custom Auto Gates today and get all the gating and fencing services you need.

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors When You Need Brisbane Automatic Gates?

Here are a few reasons we believe you should always come to us and why we are a step ahead of our competitors when you need a secure Brisbane automatic gate system for your home:

  • We provide exceptional customer service, whether you just have a question or want us to suggest the best product for the job. Our teams have the necessary knowledge to help you choose right during our free onsite quote.
  • We can make custom gates to help you get the precise fit you need. Gates designed to normal standards and sizes might not work for your driveway or other parts of your home. Our solution is to take all the necessary measurements and cut gates to the perfect fit.
  • Our services are available across Brisbane, Logan, and Ipswich to ensure we cover as much ground as possible. If you are in any of these areas, you can rest assured that our teams are ready to assist you at the click of a button.

Whether you want reliable customer service, custom-made gates and fences, or accessible services across multiple areas, we provide it all. We have years of experience and can easily assist with even the most complicated requirements. All you must do is give us a call, and you will soon have a beautiful new gate.

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Problems We Address with Our Automatic Driveway Gates in Brisbane

Below are a few common problems that our motorised gates in Brisbane help you tackle on a day to day basis:

  • Motorised gates are much safer than regular gates, especially if you have kids. If you come home late at night, you can open the gates from the comfort and security of your vehicle. If you have children who love to play outside, motorised gates will prevent them from accidentally running into the road or off the property.
  • If you have an automatic gate installed, your property value will rise. We can help you choose not only the best quality gate, but the best-looking gate, to ensure the value of your property increases as much as possible.
  • You could appeal to your insurance provider to lower your insurance premiums. Automatic gates offer extra safety and security. This reduction in risk is an excellent reason to lower an insurance premium.
  • A tailor-made automatic gate can add significant visual appeal to your home. Safety bonus aside, gates can look beautiful when chosen correctly and installed without error. Our teams can help you choose the best options in terms of material or overall design.

Why We are a Reputable Source When it Comes to Gate Automation in Brisbane

With professionals that have more than 15 years of experience that can also design gates to your custom requirements, you will never need another team again. We have an extensive history of satisfied customers and a gallery of beautifully done projects. We make everything locally to help strengthen the Australian workforce, and we could also provide you with free delivery. 

When you need a new fence or automatic gate, whether for safety or to enhance the aesthetic of your property, you can count on us. Call us today and get your free quote now.

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Custom Auto Gates & Fencing prides itself on being customer focused. We take our responsibility to customers very seriously, so from the very start, our aim is to ensure you are happy and the end results to your expectations.

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